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Baseus Gentleman Style Vehicle-mounted Trash Can (CRLJT-01)

3.250 KWD 4.750 KWD
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At Baseus we like to create and provide products which in turn provide solutions to every day problems. We decided to create the vehicle mounted trash can to offer an alternative to the some of the all too common usual in-car rubbish disposal techniques such as:

– Tucking crisp packets under your seat

– Pushing car parking tickets into your doors side pockets

– Squashing down sandwich packaging into your cup holders / cubby holes

You get the point. 

We believe the most comfortable car is the one which is tidy and odour free. And that’s exactly what this quirky little product is designed to help you achieve. 

It is small and compact enough to sit anywhere within your vehicle and features a 500ml capacity and an included 30 bin bags to get you started (with more available from us separately whenever required). 

A dual barrel aviation alloy design generates a slick and sophisticated appearance and a one click lid opening operation makes for ultra convenient use. Providing the lid is kept closed, all odours remain inside the can. The internal cylinder can also be removed for easy cleaning and hygiene. 

Available in black or dark grey.