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Green Premium Leather Thinnest and Adjustable (Tablet Stand)

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-Green Premium Leather Stand -Thinnest and Adjustable -Tablet Stand

-Lightweight -it doesn't add any bulk to your phone or any burden on your daily outgoing activities.

[Three-In-One] MOFT phone stand -more than a strong phone stand. A card wallet for three cards and a handgrip are blended into it, making its functions various

-provides your phone with not only a horizontal 45 for an easy access to charging without interrupting your video watching, but also a vertical 60 to prop your phone up in the right angle for you to browse files and have an online meeting in a portrait mode.

-Sturdy and Durable: Its constructed with PU and fiberglass material to support your phone sturdily, while 17 layers of material ensure its built to last.

-Its made of magnet, so it can work with magnetic pads or mounts to keep your phone in place whenever you want to give your hands a rest from holding the phone all the time.