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3D Motion Sticker Naruto-Hunter x Hunter

2.000 KWD

-3D stickers, as they have a dynamic three dimensional 

-Naruto Characters: TenTen, Killer B, Pain, Itachi, Orochimaru

-Hunter x Hunter Characters : Hisoka

-Used For machineries, car windows or special products, Mirror, Notebook,etc.

-They have a wonderful tactile quality that sets them apart from other products.

-You can see the different faces of the character while moving the sticker or looking at it from different angles 

Size : A-01 ( 105*120 MM ) , A-02 ( 107*120 MM ), A-03 ( 72*120 MM ), A-04 ( 73*120 MM ), A-05 ( 116*120 MM ), A-06 ( 93*120 MM) 

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