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Baseus Reboost Jump Starter With Portable Energy Storage Power Supply 220v 100w Cn+eu-Dark Grey

35K.D 42.9K.D


  • Jumpstart Immediately For 12V Diesel / Gasoline Cars
    Through thousands of voltage and current measurements, the car can be jump started in a second when the car battery is Low.
  • Charging Without Sockets
    Emergency power supply for devices with rated power of less than 100W for daily use.
  • Four-port Output
    Suitable for jump starting cars/motorcycles and charging on digital devices.
  • Pressure-proof and Explosion Proof to Protect Vehicles
    Smart power management and safe charging/jumpstart.
  • 60°C High Temperature Protection
    The high-quality polymer lithium battery ensures normal jumpstart in the cold/high temperature.
  • Emergency Lighting as a Warning
    One-key switching for constant Light, SOS, and flash modes. Park the car to repair by the roadside in late night and turn on the emergency light as a warning to prevent secondary accidents.
  • Model BS-CN02
  • Battery Polymer Lithium-ion Battery
  • Capacity 4000mAh/14.8V/59.2Wh
    Type-C Input 5V-3A; 9V-3A; 12V-3A; 15V-3A 20V-3A Max.
    Type-C Output 5V-3A; 9V-3A; 12V-3A; 15V-3A 20V-3.25A Max.
    USB Output 4.5V-5A; 5V-4.5A; 5V-3A; 9V-3A 12V-2.5A; 20V-1.5AMax.
    DC Output 12-16.8V—8A Max.
    AC Output 220V/100W/50Hz
  • Type-C +USB+DC +AC total output 100WMax.
  • Color Temperature  6000K
  • Light Intensity 45 lm
  • Connector Interface EC8
  • Peak Current 1600A(0.1 s)
  • Starting Current 800A(2s)
  • Car jump starter The car jump starter with 1600A peak value solves the problem that a car cannot be ignited normally due to the lack of battery power for a long time or the low temperature in winter.
  • Four-port output
    It has four-port outputs of USB, Type-C, DC and AC, suitable for car emergency, jump start and charging laptops, phones, drones and ventilators.
  • 65W input power for fast charging
    It can be fully charged in an hour and a half.
  • 16000mAh lithium battery
    Large-capacity polymer lithium battery can meet the needs of outdoor camping, power outages and other emergency situations.
  • Multi-mode emergency lighting
    It comes with high beam and low beam lights, one-key switching for constant
    light, SOS, and flash modes, which can be adjusted according to demand.


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